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At Thorntons' Treeland

Visit the old barn to warm yourself by the fire, visit with friends, and enjoy Christmas music. See the life-size, lifelike Nativity Scene. See the animals. Crafts, Wreaths and tree accessories are also available, as well as free coffee and hot chocolate and treats for the kids.

See the many animals in the areas around the barn. From the barn you can also take a free hay ride.

When you arrive at Thorntons' Treeland you can either park your car at designated parking areas and walk among the trees, or you can drive down the roads that will take you to different parts of the tree farm. Along the roads there are also designated parking areas.

If you are looking for a particular kind of tree, watch for the signs that show where the sections are for different trees.

We provide:

Note: No axes or power saws are allowed in the field. Only adults may carry or use our saws.

White price tags

We have a wide variety of trees available while maintaining trees for future years. So, only choose from among trees that have white price tags! Each tag shows the species of the tree and the price.

Cutting your tree

When you've found the perfect tree, carefully saw it as close to the ground as possible. This will give you plenty of space for the tree stand as well as allow for the best planting of new trees for future years.

The lower limbs have been removed from the stem for placement in the Christmas tree stand.

If you need help cutting your tree, inquire at the old barn.

Bringing in your tree

The next step is to carry or drive the tree to the barn where our friendly helpers will assist you. Do not drag a tree - this will rub needles off the tree and get mud on it.

Shaking and baling

Shaking: (free of charge) The shaking machine removes loose and dead needles as well as other debris such as birds' nests from your tree. It's also fun to watch!

Baling: The baler will wrap the tree securely in netting, making it easier to load, transport, and set up. There is a small charge for this popular service.

Taking your tree home

Once you pay for the tree at the old barn, our friendly staff will help in loading your tree and securing it if assistance is needed.

Hints for a great day

While driving and walking in Treeland, please ...


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