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Simple, straight and secure: Treeland Treestand

The old way: two minutes to cut down a tree, and two hours to put it up. With the Treeland Treestand, your tree will be up in two minutes — straight and secure.

Use it every year!

Bring your Thorntons' Treeland stand back in future years and have your tree stand mounted free of charge.

Christmas Tree the easy way

Follow this low-stress Christmas tree method and you will find your Christmas tree experience to be the best ever!

  1. Cut the tree, and have it shaken and netted.
  2. Buy or bring back your Thorntons' Treeland stand and have it installed on your tree.
  3. Load the tree and stand in your car and bring it home.
  4. With the tree still netted, position it in your home, release the net and ...
  5. Start decorating!

If you prefer to install your stand yourself, follow the directions on the 'Treeland Treestand' page on the main website.

With its large reservoir, you'll find you don't have to add water as often, but don't forget to watch the water level.

Trees need water

Many trees are over 150 feet tall and pump hundreds of gallons of water a day! A tree in a Christmas tree stand does the same thing, drawing water up through its trunk. Put the tree in water as soon as possible. This will allow the tree to continue to absorb water.

The Treeland Treestand holds 5 quarts of water, and a 10 quart bowl is also available. For refilling the water, pick up our Santa's Water Magic Spout! It makes adding water easy.

If there is a delay in putting the tree in water, the pores on the bottom of the truck can become clogged with sap. If necessary, you can make a fresh cut on the butt of the tree to open up the pores which have been clogged by sap. Cut off at least one-half inch. The fresh-cut surface should be cream-white, not yellow or brown.

Keep a close eye on the level of water in your Christmas tree stand, and add water whenever it begins to get low. You'll be surprised at how much water it uses! An average tree may consume between a quart and a gallon of water per day.

Thorntons Treeland
Safety tips

How do trees pump water?

Osmosis works because of the difference of the concentration of the sap inside the roots and the water in the ground. Sap has a higher concentration of sugary nutrients, and the water moves from the lower concentration of the ground water to the higher concentration of the sap.

Thorntons Treeland
You can watch osmosis at work by putting a stalk of celery in some colored water. After a day, you'll see the water moving up in the celery's 'xylen vessels.'

Sunshine makes the water evaporate from leaves. The water escapes from the leaves as water vapor.


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